Winter run

Finding Joy in Running

2015 was the first year that I ran outside all year long, winter included. The 2015 winter was a pretty long winter with temperature often below -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit), -20 (-4 Fahrenheit) and even -25 (-13 Fahrenheit) here in Montreal, Canada. It was not a windy winter and for…

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The North Face Endurance Challenge New York

The North Face Endurance Challenge Series New York 50KM

For me, it all started two years ago. As some already know, I started running at the gym on the treadmill in November 2012. Then in June 2013, almost 2 years ago, I was able to run my first official race  of 5KM (3.1 miles) with a vertical rise of…

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Tour du Massif des Falaises

Saturday morning 6 AM, I wake-up, it’s dark, I get dress and have my breakfast. My bag is ready. My boyfriend wake-up at 6h45, he says, hum you are courageous, I answers, yes indeed… I don’t feel like going anymore, I get in the car, it’s a little cold, and…

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