“I have known Julie Cloutier since 1999, and have had the pleasure of working closely with her in my graphic design business on a wide range of projects over the years.

Julie commands a broad range of technical expertise and extensive knowledge in production techniques, which she is constantly expanding and updating. Her work is always done with meticulous and methodical attention to detail. Julie’s reliability and dedication to each project on which we work together is something I have always been able to depend on.

Julie conducts business in a professional and ethical fashion. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her – whether as client, colleague, or employer – will experience her commitment to getting things done well, on time, and on budget.”

Jennifer Morrison – Owner, JAM Design


“I have worked with Julie – as a client – on two web-based projects in the last two years.

She always responded promptly to my communications by phone or email, was always ready to arrange meetings in person if necessary. She followed up our meetings with a written documentation relating to the subject matter, to avoid the possibility of misunderstanding. She has a gift for explaining complex matters with great clarity. I found her billing to be both fair and reasonable.

She is a designer of high quality, with a great sensitivity for type, and a seemingly innate understanding of the needs of her clients.

I have been consistently impressed with her overall professionalism. I am happy to have been her client, and I am looking forward to working with her again.”

Marjorie Griffin – Artist and Graphic Designer


“I have enjoyed working with Julie Cloutier in the field of Web design. She is a complete professional, quietly organized and reliable, and she gives great attention to detail. Her technical knowledge and skills are impressive and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Susan Scott – Graphic Designer


“Julie has a deep understanding of graphic design with a particular focus on interactive media. As a consultant, she has high professional standards and manages her projects with competence and precision. Her strong communication skills in both English and French help guide clients such as myself in resolving complex issues surrounding the architecture and functionality of websites. Julie is always a pleasure to work with, no matter what the project.”

Susan Hausner – Hausner Consultants


“Julie Cloutier is a committed young woman who carefully transferred my website to WordPress. She patiently walked me through the steps of the process. She also coached me in the management of the website, thus giving me greater control over it. Julie really goes the extra mile, is very generous and is a pleasure to work with.”

Duart Maclean